The Story of Genesis

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ENGLISH 101 | In The Beginning | The Story of Genesis | | Ray Marsh | 9/15/2012 | This is a short essay of the history of one of my favorite Rock & Roll bands | This a short essay about one of my favorite rock bands called GENESIS. The band was formed in Godaming, Surrey, Engand in 1967. Founding members included Tony Banks on keyboards, Peter Gabriel on vocals, Mike Rutherford on bass, Anthony Phillips on guitar, and Chris Stewart on drums. Although many changes were made within the band at various stages of their history, they persevered through adversity and continued to create music that is still appreciated throughout the world today. Their genre of music is called progressive rock. Most of Genesis’ early music was influenced by the likes of the Bee Gees and other light pop styles of music. Their early albums did not sell very well. Changes were made within the lineup as a result. Phil Collins joined the band in 1970 replacing Stewart on drums and Steve Hackett joined in 1971 replacing Phillips on guitar. “ The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” was released in 1974. It was their sixth studio album and also their last with vocalist Peter Gabriel. It was a concept album about a young Puerto Rican man named Rael and his spiritual journeys living in New York City. It describes his quest to establish freedom and Identity. It was the first album that I had ever heard from the band. After the recording of that album, Gabriel left the band to pursue a solo career, plus other reasons were cited for his departure in 1975. Major band member

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