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The Playing Passion John Mayer is the prominent guitar player of this world. Only through hard work, dedication, and passion, did he accomplish this. He has had a certain persistence in playing the guitar, that is driven by the zeal of the guitar. Through first hand experience, I have discovered that the passion for dedication is essential to mastering the guitar. Growing up with a musically talented family gave me the perspective that music was life. I always loved and respected it, but I never found my niche in it. Until one night when I attended the John Mayer concert. The concert completely dumbfounded me. I could not believe that a person was able to play the guitar with such perfection. When I got home I researched about John Mayer’s mastery of the guitar. I discovered that John Mayer heard a Stevie Ray Vaughan cassette when he was a kid and fell in love with the guitar. Therefore, John spent the rest of his life determined to conquer the…show more content…
I immediately followed this by signing up for guitar lessons. Now I was on track to learning the guitar. The lessons were always inconvenient for my schedule. I only had twenty minutes to get home from work and go to lessons. The first months of lesson I learned music theory of a guitar. Music theory was boring, which would question my commitment to the guitar. Not knowing if I would ever get to play the guitar, I became extremely discouraged. I made it through music theory, and finally started learning how to play the guitar. First came the basic notes to certain keys. Next I learned how to strum. I was amazed at the fact that I could play the instrument. After each lesson I would continually practice, trying to make the clearest sound possible. I began piecing together strums and notes to play songs. Knowing how to play songs provoked me to devote all my time to it. I then found myself falling even deeper in love with the

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