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Hazlehurst's Hero Coming from a small Mississippi town, Robert Johnson was a free spirit some would say. Traveling all around the south, he successfully made a name for himself and not necessarily his biological name. People were entertained in major cities and small towns from street corner to immaculate theaters. That is who Robert Johnson was, an entertainer. From his young years he played the harmonica and as he matured so did his guitar skills. Johnson lived and breathed blues music; Johnson was blues music. Throughout his short lived years Robert adopted a unique style that influenced few modern artists. His musical work truly changed music as we now know it and he rightfully earn the title “King of The Delta Blues.” Mr. Johnson was sort of the ladies man in his day. At an early age he got married to a Virginia Travis who was 16 at the time. Virginia and their first born son passed away during childbirth. “It all started because of Johnson's uncanny mastery of the guitar. A small-boned man with long, slightly webbed fingers, Johnson earned respect and kept fights at bay with his astonishing musicianship. Johnson may have had eidetic memory for music -- the ability to hear and then recall music with unusual precision. (Devi par.1).”…show more content…
Son House was an African-american blues artist who was a considerably a guitar virtuoso. When Johnson moved to Robinsonville in search of his biological father he spent much of his time practicing his string skill. Later down the road, Robert returned to Hazelhurt and impressed many people with his incredible advancements. Johnson inherited much of House's guitar style. Many could have the audacity to say that this is the rising action to his legendary career. From this point on Johnson never stopped until he literally died. He took great strides in his musical advancements and truly inspired musicians everywhere, black and

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