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Jackson M. Franks Mr. Bob Music Appreciation 26 November 2013 Alan Parsons Alan Parsons, born December 20, 1948, is a very interesting member of Rock history. Alan studied piano and flute as a child and was always very interested in gadgets. In his early teens, he picked up the guitar and played in several bands at school, and as a solo act. Alan was born into an entertaining family, literally. His Great grand dad was actor and manager, Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree. His mom was an actress, folk singer and a harp player. His dad, Denys Parsons, was a pianist and flautist, as well as the author of many books. Alan liked to mess around with live audiences in his late teens as a folk and blues acoustic player, and lead guitarist…show more content…
Later when qualified as a legitimate sound engineer he went to work with Paul McCartney, The Hollies, and many others. His work on Pink Floyd’s Classic album Dark Side of the Moon, not only got him is first (of many) Grammy nomination, but got the attention of the world. That soon led to extreme successes as a producer, notably with Pilot’s Magic, John Milesa Highfly and Music and Steve Harley’s (Come up and See Me) Make Me Smile. He also produced the wildly successful Year of the Cat album with Al Stewart, and two albums with the band Ambrosia. In 1975, Alan met Eric Woolfson, who became his manager and partnered with Alan as a writer and performer. Together, they created the band known as The Alan Parsons Project. The Project’s first album, Tales of Mystery and Imagination, was based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe. This created a path that led to Clive Davis’ new Arista label and streak of hit albums. A short trip with the musical theatre created Freudiana in 1990.The show stayed in the Theater An Der Wien in Vienna for over a year and remained very popular. Then Eric and Alan parted ways as partners. Eric led his career to the musical theatre while Parsons brought his music and talent to the world of live stage and continued to produce and record symphonic rock…show more content…
The group continued on for On Air in 1996 and The Time Machine in 1999. During that time, the first of the "Alan Parsons Live Project" toured around sold-out performances to audiences around the world. After Alan's move to California, a new version of the Live Project band was created in 2003, then again in 2010. Today’s band is made up of Alan on acoustic guitar, keyboards, and vocals; P.J. Olsson on vocals, Manny Foccarazzo on keyboards, Guy Erez on bass, Alastair Greene on guitar, Danny Thompson on Drums, and Todd Cooper on sax, percussion, and

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