Metallica's Influence On Society

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16 December 2009 Metallica’s Influence on Society “The fans like the idea that we do what we want. It’s not an act. Screw the record company and the beaten path.” The attitude of Metallica is well captured in this quote stated by James Hetfield. Metallica has had this nonconformist attitude ever since Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield started Metallica in 1981. James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich have created eleven successful albums with the help of their long-time guitarist Kirk Hammett, their current bassist Rob Trujillo, and previous members Dave Mustaine, Cliff Burton, and Jason Newsted. Metallica’s exploration in new styles and genres along with the dilemma of coming and going band members has left a lasting, but somewhat turbulent, impact on their fans. Metallica started in Los Angeles, California, in early 1981 when drummer Lars Ulrich put an add in a Los Angeles newspaper stating, "Drummer looking for other metal musicians to jam with…” ( Ulrich recruited James Hetfield to sing and play rhythm guitar after Hetfield answered the add. Guitarist Dave Mustaine answered another one of Ulrich’s adds. Hetfield and Ulrich recruited Mustaine only after seeing the expensive equipment he owned. Metallica recorded their first song “Hit the Lights” in early 1982 with Mustaine on lead guitar, Hetfield on rhythm and vocals, and Ulrich playing drums and bass only for this specific recording ( Hetfield and Ulrich asked bassist Cliff Burton to join their band in fall of 1982 after being “blown away” at one of Burton’s previous band’s shows. Burton initially declined the offer, but by the end of the year he accepted on the condition the band move to the San Francisco Bay Area. Mustaine was eventually replaced, literally mid-tour, by Kirk Hammett due to excessive drug and alcohol abuse and aggressive behavior (Realms of Deth). On September 27, 1986, during the

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