Critical Review of Wiz Khalifa Concert

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Critical Review of Wiz Khalifa By Keana Albalos It is interesting to see how people can relate to an artist’s songs and experiences through them. A person can look up to someone that puts their words into music and can change someone’s life. Rap is one of the most popular music genres in todays’ society and it’s easy to repeat back with the catchy beat and chorus. A simple phrase from an artist can be remembered forever because of the great impact it has on people. Attending a live concert you can see their real motive and feelings through each song. Although the venue of the concert wasn’t appealing and didn’t get to experience his whole actual concert, every song that Wiz Khalifa performed was great and you could either get involved or even relate to the song. I attended a concert at the Arizona State Fair in the Coliseum on Friday, October 17. Wiz Khalifa was part of the 2014 Concert Series at the Arizona State Fair. Wiz came from a military family and his first attempt at committing lyrics to paper was around age nine, and at 12 he was already recording and producing his own records in his father's Oklahoma studio. He went from breakthrough single ("Black and Yellow") to feature film star (Mac and Devin Go to High School) in the short span of two years. That day he was the only person performing. This meant that he was the opening of his performance and it was all about him. The concert was free with admission into the fair but good thing me and my friend bought tickets for a seat because the security only let in a certain amount of people. People were lined up for tickets even as the 7 p.m. start time was passing them by. A red-shirted worker came out and informed them that the Coliseum was full and their only chance of getting "hella faded" or "elevated" would have to be satisfied on the Skyflyer or the Mega Drop rides. We had a great view of the

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