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September 11, 2001, this day affected many peoples' lives, and would have an everlasting effect on Gerard Way, singer of My Chemical Romance, who was in New York on that day and watched from across the river as the twin towers fell. Gerard was in New York that day to work as an intern at Cartoon Network and had just gotten off the train he took to get to New York when he saw the destruction.After getting back on the train and leaving New York, Gerard returned to his home in New Jersey, where he stayed in his basement for months and wrote the song "Skylines and Turnstiles" on an old guitar. Before the events of 9/11, Gerard had been pursuing a career in art, but afterwards he felt as though he wanted to do something more. He wanted to do something…show more content…
Unfortunately, Gerard was unable to both sing and play guitar at the same time, so he called on his friend , Ray Toro, a talented local guitar player, to help him. Ray was also very impressed with "Skylines and Turnstiles" and agreed to help as well . Now, the band had a guitar player, singer, and drummer, but they were missing a bassist. The obvious person to fill this position was Mikey Way, Gerard's younger brother who had always dreamed of being in a band. Mikey had never played bass before, but learned to do so specifically to be in his brother's band. When Mikey joined the band he also allowed them to use the band name "My Chemical Romance", a name he had come up with while working at a Barnes & Nobles after seeing the book "Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance" by Irvine Welsh. Mikey had been saving that name in case he ever started a band of his…show more content…
This album however is not just about their grandmother, but is also a continuation to the story that occured in the first album. At the end of their first album the couple had been killed by a hail of gunfire, but in this album the man who really had died meets the devil who tells him the women is still alive. The devil then makes a deal with him that if he can kill one thousand evil men he will be with his girlfriend again. This storyline occurs throughout the album until the last song, "I Never Told You What I Do For a Living", which tells of how even though he tried to complete the task and had killed many people, he was unable to do so, as is evident in the lyrics " I tried. One more night. One more night.", which is basically the man begging to have just one more night to finish his

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