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A poet, author, song writer, recorder, and musical legend. Bob Dylan is known as one of the most influential people of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Success, fame, and fortune, never seemed to effect his career at all. Bob Dylan had his share of problem made by fame, but he always seemed to keep up with his work and keep his head high. Wacky habits and strange techniques that Dylan uses are used to create inspirational lyrics and interesting rhythm. He always had his own was of making his music. Techniques he used helped him to be very unique and widely known for the things he did. Bob Dylan has used many unordinary tactics to help him succeed greatly in his song writing career. Since record number one, thirty five million…show more content…
Certain procedures that Bob Dylan took that were weird and unusual. “He records and plays his music in a particular type of way that others may call weird or whacky.” Since around 1975 Dylan has only included ten or less songs on his albums. His Recorders and team would always try to talk Bob Dylan into having more songs on his albums; but without reasoning he would always refuse to exceed over ten songs. Dylan was never really into making close friends with his employees. He always just seemed interested and worried about getting into his music to make sure his music deals were set and his shows were all ready on the road to success. Although, Bob Dylan did end up coming pretty close with some of his workers. For example, George Harrison became good friends. “Bob Dylan never really seemed to play the same song in the same way.” Every time Dylan would play a song either in public or in the recording room, he would some how change the melody or adjust the tune. He also switched some of the lyrics around, or added a few more notes. So, whenever Bob Dylan would perform a song of his for his audience, the song would never be the same. This gave his fans a little more curiosity for his music and caught a couple more peoples attention. Knowing that you will not listen to the same song everyday, people were more attracted to his music. He always knew how to spice up his concerts and public appearances. Bob

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