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Music Influence Music has been around since the beginning of time even though we do not see how music in the ancient world was even music. Since then music has gone through many stages where singers/songwriters relay messages through their music because of the world corruption and how it affects our lives. Music is a part of what society is whether its accepted or not, it can’t be gotten rid of. Music takes on the role of how the world is around us. Most people may not even realize it, but songwriters incorporate world events into the songs we hear every day. Take for example, “The southern rapper Young Jeezy, who recorded The Recession last year…” (RPC 89). He sings about the economy in a lot of his songs because it’s a way that singers/songwriters use their music to reach out to people who do not watch or care to watch the news. It is a way of using entertainment as an informative tool. “Sometimes normal musical imagery crosses a line and becomes, so to speak pathological, as when a certain fragment of music repeats itself incessantly, sometimes maddeningly, for days on end.”(100). This is called “brain worms” and it is something we all have to deal with at one point or another because of music constantly surrounding us. It does not seem like a big deal, but it is, especially when it…show more content…
Music has become much more high tech in this day and time, but does that make music from the ancient time any less important? No, it doesn’t because that was the starting point of how music has gotten to where it is today. We may not realize it, but ancient music had meaning just as we believe our music does today. It was a way to express how they were feeling, or to express good fortune for others. Yes, this definitely sounds like how we use our music today. So, even though what we consider music has changed, the way we use it and what it means to us is still the

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