Man In The Mirror

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Kalebra Blair September 12, 2011 English Composition 1 Hence - 9 a.m. Man in the Mirror The recently deceased King of Pop, Michael Jackson, left a big legacy for any artist to try to fill. Michael Jackson’s songs reached the hearts of many people all over the world. Although he was named the King of Pop music, his inspirational song, “Man in the Mirror” helped people around the world realize how good of a life they have and it served as a reality check for those who take their way of life for granted. Some people might say that Michael Jackson was the best thing that ever happened to music. He was known for his music being inspiring to the hearts of people all over the world. Jackson expressed his love and his feelings through his music. One thing that Michael Jackson was big on was making the world a better place for everybody. One song that served this purpose was “Man in the Mirror”. People all around the world heard this song and began to appreciate Jackson for telling of what most people never get a chance to see or experience. This song also helped people understand why we should try to give back instead of being selfish and keeping everything that we have for ourselves. Michael Jackson always told a story in his songs. By using this style in his music, many people could relate to the message that Jackson was trying to send. In “Man in the Mirror” the plot of the song is “the man” walking through the streets on a winter day. The wind is blowing really hard as he is walking through the streets. “The man” sees hungry children on the side of the streets wondering should he turn a blind eye and ignore their needs. As Jackson continues his song, he mentions how all the poor “follow each other on the wind” because they have nowhere to go and no one to turn to. As “the man” continues to walk down the streets, he realizes how selfish he has been

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