Chuck Schuldiner's Perseverance

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Symbolic: Chuck Schuldiner’s Perseverance “When did it begin? The change to come was undetectable. The open wounds expose the importance of our innocence. A high that can never be bought or sold.” Death-Symbolic. When referring to stories of success, one can mention the fact that success breeds fame, fortune, and everything else that appeals to typical human society. But to one man, his music was all that mattered to him; starting from the bottom and working to the top, his struggles pulled through and he was provided an outlet for his hardships with the use of his guitar. To Chuck Schuldiner, or as his friends and fans call him, “Evil Chuck,” nothing is more successful and precious than the sounds of his guitar melodically playing…show more content…
What Chuck was successful at doing, was to turn those stereotypes around and proclaim that his brand of music (he was named the Godfather of Death metal for a reason) dealt with issues of life, and though he did write gore lyrics, they were merely tongue in cheek, B level horror movie lyrics. How was he able to do this while escaping any criticism from critics? How was he able to be so successful with only a guitar and a couple of other band members? We must dig deep into his life to find out what kind of person Chuck really was, and how his success was firmly established into becoming the most influential guitar player and founder of the most successful death metal band of all…show more content…
Schuldiner was born to two Jewish schoolteachers in New York. Jewish schoolteachers? New York? Why, what a coincidence! In Outliers, many of the most successful lawyers and businessmen had their biggest peaks during the 1940s and the 1950s! But why is that important? In reality, most of the biggest death metal stars were shunned by the mainstream, and thus had to play their music “underground.” As in chapter 5 of Outliers, this can compare with the Jewish lawyers almost step by step; most of the biggest law firms gave the Jewish firms the lowest cases that they didn’t want. The Jewish firms took the cases, and would continue to take these cases, and soon enough, even the biggest firms started to mimic the smaller firms when it came to those cases. “All of a sudden the things that the old line law firms didn’t want to do-hostile takeovers and litigations- were the things that every firm wanted to do” (Gladwell 128). In Schuldiners case, he played music many didn’t want to hear; most of his time was spent playing in small gigs or even his garage with a limited audience being able to listen, but soon enough, the same bands who had criticized Chuck soon started to play his brand of metal. All of a sudden, just like the Jewish law firms, Schuldiner had started to find fame and

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