A Rhetorical Analysis Of Paul Ryan's Speech

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The year 2012 once again brings the United States of America to a presidential election. Incumbent President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are challenged by Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and his Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan in this year’s election. Just a few weeks ago, Paul Ryan gave a speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC) that was held in Tampa, Florida, that emphasized his promise to assist Romney in keeping to the GOP’s “founding principles,” while also critiquing the Obama Administration. Although it is evident that the truthfulness of the information presented was a missing element in Ryan’s speech, the effectiveness of the speech’s rhetorical uses of pathos, ethos, and logos cannot be overlooked. As Ryan was introduced as Romney’s running mate just two weeks before the Republican National Convention took place, his main purpose of the speech was not only to familiarize himself to the American…show more content…
Consequently, the rhetorical usage of ethos, pathos, and logos that Ryan exemplified in his speech were very effective. Using pathos he was able to convince his audience that he is just like everyone else trying to make something of themselves in this country, and while some of his factual information and logical reasoning may have been a bit off, his audience was obviously able to overlook that due to their overwhelming positive reaction to his use of emotional appeal. As mentioned above, Ryan was only introduced as Romey’s running mate just a few weeks before the RNC took place, and his speech at the RNC was a very important part of the campaign as it was the population’s first chance to really get to know who he is. As mentioned, his goal was to make himself appear likeable, and he did that very
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