Influence of Music Presentation

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Influence of Music Presentation In what ways have music and radio shaped American culture and its values? Music and radio has had a big effect on American culture and its values in many different aspects. This effect has been seen throughout the decades. The people that follow different types of music also take on the style of clothes, mannerisms, and sometimes the political views. This is seen with the youth of each genre. Music and radio can become a voice to the masses more so than parents do to their children. This was seen in the 1970’s with sit-ins and protests. Identify and introduce your favorite musician, band or type of music. Trying to identify or introduce my favorite musician, band or type of music is a really hard thing for me to do. When it comes down to trying to just pick on band, musician, or types of music there is just no picking one for myself. This puts me in a giant conundrum that’s like asking me to pick which of my children I love more that’s just not going to happen. The love I have for music is really interesting to those that meet me they say how can you like almost all types of music. My response is its art for the ears how can you not appreciate the many different styles and forms of music to deny one is just being closed minded to the beauty and the heart that went into the song or music. I may not like the style or agree with every artist views but I feel the need to at least give everyone’s music a try, never know what can happen. A new band or artist can become one of your favorites. The love that I have for music has surprised many of my close friends and family. They sometimes laugh at me for knowing certain songs that they would never expect for me to like. Music in my opinion is art for the ears it’s not always pretty and doesn’t always make since but still has a beauty of its own. Explain how American culture and

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