Effects Of Music On Memory Essay

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The Effect of Music on Memory Performance For hundreds of years humans have been enjoying many unique genres of music. Thousands of people purchase music records and CD’s today because it is believed to make them feel well. Today, many college students listen to music while they are studying and this has made me ponder if whether students do this for pure enjoyment or do they do this to create a better learning environment. It also made me wonder if incorporating something enjoyable into our brains will help our memory or does it just distracts us from performing to our full potential. Memory is an active system that receives information from the senses, organizes and alters it as it stores it away, and retrieves the information from the storage (Ciccarelli & Meyer, p.210). Information first enters sensory memory, which holds an exact copy of the data for a few seconds. Short-term memory is the next step, and it holds small quantities of information for a brief period longer than sensory memory. Selective attention is utilized at this time to regulate what information is transferred to short-term memory. Unimportant information is removed permanently (Coon, 1997). Memory performance can be measured by memory test, task performance, spatial task and other tasks which need to retrieve information from our memory. Few experiments have been done by researchers to find out whether if there is an effect on memory when paired with music. In one research, it was found that music distracts our memory performance when exposed to a music situation. An experiment which was conducted by McFarland and Kennison (1988) showed this situation. In this experiment, they assume through their studies that the right hemisphere of the brain processes music. All participants were to learn a finger maze consisting of 16 in. by 32 in. board on which the path was marked out with

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