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As I scroll though my Facebook newsfeed, I see so many posts about people who are attempting to pursue a music career. It seems like everybody is either trying to rap or sing these days, and sometimes both. On one hand, it’s great that people are not just listening to music, but are taking the initiative to make their own music. The backlash of this is that the music industry is becoming overly saturated, with too many people trying to become the next Drake or Justin Bieber. Music isn’t formulaic, there’s no workout plan. Not everybody can do music, it’s either you have it or you don’t. Creativity cannot be taught, it is a trait that is innate, and a characteristic one is born with. Just like not everybody can draw, not everybody can do music. Out of the massive flock of “wanna be musicians”, there’s a very small percentage of people who are actually talented. Most people who just randomly decided to pursue music, did it because they were either, inspired by another musician or thought by creating music; they would maybe attain fame and popularity. Like the football player who gets cut from the football team and now wants to rap. He doesn’t do it for sake of the art form; he does it to achieve popularity. Maybe it’s just me and a few other people that view music not as a tool or commodity, but as something much more. I view music as an expression of someone’s soul and thinking. My love for music comes second to the love that I have for my mom and I would die for my mom. I love the way music powerfully conveys most of our human emotions. It’s the world’s universal language; it defies all boundaries of race, religion, creed, or sect. So if music is the expression of the soul, it should not be cheapened or saturated. We live in a very superficial world; can we please not taint the purity of music. I listen to all types of music, ranging from super ignorant to

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