The Affect Of Music

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Music influences my life in so many ways. No matter what mood I am in, I always listen to music because it cheers me up and makes me happy. As a musician, I can truly relate to music because I listen to different styles of music for the different styles of music that I perform. Music has a huge effect on me and I could not imagine not having music in my life. The media influences the way I feel about music in a negative way. The media is always trying to look for the negative in a singer, a song, or a performance, just so that they can exploit people and make themselves look better. When the radio overplays a song, it annoys me because I do not get the same feeling I got when I had only listened to it a few times. Listening to a song over and over makes me tired of it quickly. Music greatly affects us as a society. Music brings people together by creating a common interest that people of all cultures can share in. The tone and beats found in songs varies from culture to culture, which is why people of different backgrounds have a different style of dancing and costuming to go with their music. I personally find it very interesting when I travel to a foreign country and get to experience their culture, especially their different style of music. What we watch on television does influence our everyday lives. Television shows serve as trend-setters and the people on the shows serve as role models for the viewers, which can either be a positive or negative thing. People sometimes watch television and begin to question aspects of their own lives, such as the way they dress, speak, and act. The music that I listen to does not have an effect on the decisions and the way that I handle everyday life. I never listen to the lyrics of a song and then feel as though I need to act a certain way that the song may suggest. I do not listen to music when I am doing
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