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Griffon was born to music. He is a natural artist and found his passion at a young age. When he was nearly six years old he discovered he loved music. He especially loved two instruments, drums and guitar. But what he didn’t know was what I would take to make it big As griffon got a little older he moved to different places. But he never stopped playing. He moved to a place where he found other kids with musical talents. They decided to start a band, griffon was the drummer. They were one step closer to making it to the top By the time griffon got into high school he decided that he needed to take some designated classes, one which would help him find a career. He took a test in this class that said that his career would be in artistic fields. He also took guitar, choir, and business classes. In order to become a musician you don’t need education but knowledge is strongly recommended because in the music business you are your own boss. The reason why high school courses are important is because the more education you have the more a record company will want to hire you. If you have and idea on how to work things such as instruments, and money, artists will more likely want to be associated with you…show more content…
Griffon and his band not only wanted to play in the community but in other places to. So they got gigs in Seattle areas. To be a musician, you need to be skilled. Not everyone can be a musician, and the chances are very small. Some of the skills you need are communication. Communication is important because when you work with someone, you have to be able to communicate and work together. Without communication artists will have harder times working with you. Other skills are working with people. No matter what this is an important skill. Whether you are working with other artist or working with a record company this skill is very

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