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Jametra Hill Support Group 27 July 2012 Hello my name is Jametra and I am an alcoholic. This popular phrase is what I was first expecting when I attended my first Alcoholics Anonymous group meeting. Through the Texas Tech Human Science website, I found a listing of meeting times. I decided to attend the Lubbock Group which meets every Thursday night at eight in the evening. I was expecting to come into a small group of about fifteen to twenty people. From what is portrayed through the media, I was expecting to sit in a small group as well, going around in a circle, and telling our individual stories. I thought we would all stand up, do our introduction, and then go through a counseling type session. What I had joined did not live up to…show more content…
Thankful there were no fatalities. He was arrested once again for drunk driving. His girlfriend left him and she refused to let him see is son again. This is the point where this man had finally hit rock bottom. He knew it was time to change and gain control of his life again. Once he was finally out of jail, he was told to attend counseling sessions. After previous arrests, he had to attend AA meetings as while. He stated this time he wanted to change. He told us that if we are being forced here, that we will not gain that much from meeting. However, if we want to be there; then the meetings will help change our lives. This man has been sober for nineteen years. He ended up marrying his girlfriend and he is very active in his son’s live. He states it continues to be a struggle and that he will continually be an alcoholic, but he knows that he has stopped the cycle. Through his sobriety, he is happy to report that his son is very successful in college and will be graduating from the University of Texas in December. He told us by him being sober; he had faith that his son will not have the same struggles that he…show more content…
They can not do it by themselves and they can not do it for someone else. These meetings are extremely helpful and educational. I would try to have a little smaller group than what I had experienced. I felt that having over a hundred people made it feel overwhelming for someone who is just beginning the program. If I had went in there not knowing anyone, the large size would have overwhelmed me about I probably would not have returned. I know that they offer smaller meeting sizes and that would have been more ideal for me. For the people that had been to the meetings several times, I could tell that this was like a family to them. They were all very welcoming and friendly to each other. I overheard some people talking about their families and jobs. The overall atmosphere was very laid back and I felt like it was an area of being judgment free. To those people who really want to better their lives and become sober, Alcoholic Anonymous is a great program for them to join. I believe the key to success and failure in the program is up to the willingness of the

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