Case Study Mr X

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ESSAY TITLE “Using the case study provided identify and explain the client’s issues and devisee course of treatment for him taking into account any ethical issues” * Introduction - Mr X case study Mr X is 45 and has worked for the same company for 18 years. He is not married but has a “sort of girlfriend”. His mother is in a home and he visits her regularly, due to this he is unable to socialize with his colleagues. He would like to apply for a manager’s job at work but feels like something is stopping him and he would also like to go socialise with his colleagues but feels that if he changed the day he sees his mother she would not understand. He would like to ask his sort of girlfriend to marry him but is worried that she will say no and that he does not have much to offer her at present. He worries about what people think of him, even though he is a nice person who thinks about the feelings of others. * Motivation For Therapy Mr. X is a 45 year old estate agent who has been with the same company for eighteen years and has a number of issues. He has reservations about applying for the manager’s job despite a deep rooted knowledge that he can do the job, he has social issues with his colleagues and it appears other areas of his life too. Despite his age he still seems to be under the spell of his mother and appears to pay too much attention to her beliefs rather than his own. His personal life is also one for concern as he doesn’t seem to be in control of his own destiny regarding his relationship with his girlfriend. He came to me in my capacity as a hypnotherapist because he has a huge desire to change his circumstances. He knows he has issues and wants to know if and how I could help him. The actual motivation for attending Therapy needs to be clearly established, particularly so the appropriate Script can be constructed and also so that
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