Led Zeppelin: the Band That Changed Rock Music

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Led Zeppelin: The Band that Changed Rock Music What makes a band influential? Does it show in the lyrics or is it that feeling you get every time you hear one of their songs? For me, an influential band or music group has to be solid in all components of music and has to inspire people through their music. A band that was not only remarkable in their prime but continues to inspire people today. I don’t think any band fits this category better than Led Zeppelin. This legendary hard rock band brought everything to the table during the 1970’s and the creativity of this group was unbelievable. Whether it was Jimmy Page’s amazing guitar riffs mixed with Robert Plant’s legendary voice, or John Bonham’s gut-busting drum solos along with John Paul Jones’ skillful techniques on bass guitar/keyboard: this band had it all. People all over the world worshiped these Gods of Rock like no other. Led Zeppelin is truly an influential music group because they transformed Rock n’ Roll into something that people had never heard before and proved that there was no limit to the amount of creativity that could go into one song. These four guys truly knew how to sell records as well as inspire people through their music. Led Zeppelin formed in 1968 but their original name was The New Yardbirds. Jimmy Page started out his career with The Yardbirds along with legendary guitarist Eric Clapton and bassist John Paul Jones. The band drifted over a couple of years and Page decided he wanted to from a “super group”. Page and Jones initially asked Keith Moon and John Entwistle from The Who but they both declined. Page finally found singer Robert Plant and Plant suggested drummer John Bonham. The band started rehearsing and came together fast. They eventually changed their name to Led Zeppelin when drummer Keith Moon said that the band would go over like a lead zeppelin, or a terrible gig. With

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