How Rock N Roll Changed American Culture

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Samuel Futterman Rock’N Roll and America’s 1950 Culture Shock During the 1950s a new sensation exploded all over America changing the lives of all ages. That sensation was Rock’N Roll. At the time, it new musical genre based on the African-American musical styles Rhythm and Blues and Jazz. Rock’N Roll indirectly helped the civil rights movement move forward, and is a constantly evolving style that we still can enjoy today. It also helped changed American society’s values regarding what is appropriate or offensive to broadcast. Rock’N Roll impacted older generations as well as the teenagers of the 1950s through its effect on the civil rights movement for blacks and women; it changed the media’s idea of what should be censored, and gave the youth an artistic form to express the difficulties relevant to their lives. Rock’N Roll certainly “challenged and changed,” American culture, as the book put it. With any change there are almost certainly going to be pros and cons, however in the case of Rock’N Roll, the pros seemed to outweigh the cons of the revolution. From the moment Rock’N Roll first began its rise, public officials and parents were worried that Rock’N Roll was destroying the values instilled in their generation paving a poor path for their…show more content…
He was the first artist to incorporate “inappropriate” dance moves into his routine, and would put on huge stage shows. The crowd would break out dancing. His lyricism attracted a lot of positive attention from teens, yet very negative attention from parents. It was because of this, and the popularity and fame of his music and him as a celebrity grew immensely, bringing Rock’N Roll with it. Though initially considered provocative, during his career he later appeared many times on television and his music became palatable to many older Americans. He was making his first hits as Rock’N Roll developed, and stayed true to it as it blew up in the
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