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Sun City Events I. El Paso should not only be known for Chicos Tacos, Juarez, and the Star on the Mountain but also for its amazing festivals that bring El Paso together. A. In these two El Paso native events have really been memorable due to their unity and creativity. It will be special for me because it began in my generation. B. For the past two years, El Paso has been put in the map for festivals like these due to their success. [Aside from these events bringing quality music to our ears it brings us together with people from the outside.] II. The Sun City Music Festival was drawn to not only people from El Paso but also people from outside the city. A. My experience in 2011 and 2012 at SCMF. B. The event had over 20,000 attendees this year and under 15,000 last year. (Pullen, 2012) C.…show more content…
The park brought in thousands of people during labor weekend. (Curtis, 2012). B. $4.5 million worth of changes. (Curtis, 2012) C. In return, it can revenue money for the county. (Curtis, 2012) [Downtown has made it to be a memorable place as well.] IV. Neon Desert Music Festival is special for El Pasoans. A. El Paso has grown successfully for making events like these. (Pullen, 2012) B. This festival is not only for the teens, but for the kids and elders too. (Pullen, 2012) C. "This is such a special experience for El Paso" –Zechs Marquise (Pullen, 2012) [With this being said, the city has grown for the past two years.] V. El Paso has not only grown as a city and been put on the radar, but these events have grown into people’s hearts. A. El Paso finally has something that people can look forward to each year, something that can bring El Paso together and put on a different view for El Paso. B. Aside from great music, light show, meeting beautiful people, and having a great time, these events have made El Paso a place where bigger and better things are yet to

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