Impact Of Rock And Roll On American Culture

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Susie Pummill Mr. Michael Mitchell 6123-82553-HIST 1302 8 Aug 2012 Rock and Roll: Musical Genre and American Lifestyle Rock and Roll isn’t just about a musical genre; it’s about a lifestyle. Rock Music shapes what is the American popular society’s viewpoint and belief system, not only in its inception beginning in the 1950s, but also now in the 21st century. Its musical message highlights different eras’, political times, and challenges of the moment. Cultural attitudes and opinions on every aspect of life including, racism, war, politics, and economy, are the focus of this sound. With every decade evolving this musical art with new unique styles, and many subcategories of the genre, Rock is the most popular kind of music, and…show more content…
All of the Western culture experienced the changes in the cultural phenomenon. The music in the United Kingdom was leaving its own impact on British youth, with a similar popular explosion of immediate fans. The most popular British band to emerge was the Beetles.13 This band came on the scene in early 1960s and quickly developed a female fan base. Their music appeared to be a sexual-outlet for these obsessed female fans, more than their young male counterparts. Beetle-mania developed an almost cult-like following, and the band, consisting of four all-male members reached world-shattering popularity. The artists were Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, and George Harrison. Their music was largely considered a positive influence, and the performers had a clean-cut image. They began their career playing British pubs, and by 1960 had been discovered by Brian Epstein, who became their manager. Their producer, George Martin helped Brian Espstein push this group, dubbed the “Fab Four” toward international stardom by 1964. The Beetles were the first of the British Invasion of rock artists to the USA, and to date, the biggest sellers of British pop music. They toured for 3 years, and are thought to be the globe’s biggest influence on pop-rock music. They were also the most lucrative performers of all time. The Beetle-mania sensation lead the record sales up the charts, with over a billion sold in the UK, and today, have sold 177 million more records in the USA than any other

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