How Did The Beatles Affect America

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Thesis Statement: The Beatles were one of the greatest bands that ever lived, and their affect on America through music, culture, and trends through the 60’s and on was historical and John Lennon played a huge role in this bands success the most out of all the four group members. Topic Sentence: The Beatles are one of the most powerful, famous, and influential bands in Rock and Roll history. Outline: Introduction 1. The Beatles Intro (biography) Affect on America a. Life and accomplishments b. Background of who they were i. Can't Buy Me Love, Jonathan Gould; "who were they?" (Pgs. 1-10) c. Why they started, how the band was formed i. Can't Buy Me Love, Jonathan Gould; "the quarry men" (Pgs.…show more content…
His lyrical conscience –many people could relate to the music ii. Can't Buy Me Love, Jonathan Gould; "You could call our new one" (Pgs. 253-255) iii. Beatles illustrated lyrics, A. Aldridge. "Meaningful lyrics" • John was the main writer of their songs. • Talked a lot about what was going on around the world • Connected it to the war d. His attitude (not the best but told it how it is) iv. Can't Buy Me Love, Jonathan Gould; "personality bit" (Pgs. 165-167) v. According to John- Interview "remarks about Christianity" • Caused fans to stop listening to their music • Some people burned their albums • John received death threats. 3. Through out the body paragraphs ill be metioning how the Beatles were looked at from the media and fans. How they were idolized by teens, and the term Beatlemania. e. Inside Beatles. P.D. Zimmerman; " Their tour aroud America" d. Best of the Beatles. Time; " The Songs that made them so popular" f. Beatlemania: The Most or the Worst? Pro and Con Discussion; " people went crazy over the beatles!" • Their influence on teens • Impact of drugs and alchol • Marijuanna Conclusion 4. The End of the Beatles i. Why they broke

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