How the Vietnam War Influenced Americans

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How the Vietnam War Influenced Americans Throughout the 1970's, the Vietnam War was the influence of many different changes which emerged in America. These sudden trends that came about in the US caused people to live a different life style. The war introduced new things to the country, from songs to events to artists. Many people sought to voice their protests against the war in form of song. These songs inspired an entire population, which impacted America's music during the 1970's. Countless songs about the Vietnam war have been written over the years. There were songs denouncing the war, protesting against it, telling stories about the struggles, the sacrifices, the fighting and the plight of those who suffered directly or collaterally as a result of the decision to engage in this unpopular military action. The song "Bring em home" by Pete Seeger shows how much people wanted to soldiers fighting in the war to come home. "If you love your Uncle Sam, Bring them home, bring them home. Support our boys in Vietnam, Bring them home, bring them home. The world needs teachers, books and schools, Bring them home, bring them home. And learning a few universal rules, Bring them home, bring them home." (Nel). The Vietnam war was at the height of its conflict, and the peace movement was gaining speed. The song "War" by Edwin Starr, talks about the war The lyrics raise the question of whether there must be a better way to resolve conflict. "War means tears to thousands of mothers eyes when their sons go to fight and lose their lives. It's an enemy to all mankind the point of war blows my mind war has caused unrest within the younger generation induction then destruction who wants to die." (Gardner). Graham Nash wrote “Oh! Camil” to tell the story of one member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War. This told the story of how war and the spoils of war can change one's
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