1968 The Year That Changed The World

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1968 the Year that Changed the World For some the year 1968 was a year of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. To others it was a year of great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy. It is remembered by the Chicago Democratic Convention, the TET offensive, Black Power, and violent college campus protests. The wild generation of 1968 dramatically changed the attitude of the world through politics, and culture. During the 1960s our nation was going through many important events. From the Vietnam War to national politics, and even civil rights, our country was changing a lot. In particular, the year 1968, was when our country went through a major turning point. The Vietnam War split the country, causing protest and unrest nation and worldwide. College campuses were a new place of protest and freedom. Many college students became involved with the war because it was the people their age, and their friends who were being sent to war; going as one person, and coming back completely changed. In January of 1968 the TET Offensive changed the American view of the Vietnam War dramatically. The Vietcong attacked over a hundred cities including the US Embassy. Many of the cities were occupied by Vietcong for many hours, or days. The US and South Vietnamese showed victory in regaining all the cities back, but they suffered many losses and lost almost all the American public support. The TET Offensive showed the American public the truth of Vietnam, and not what the Military wanted the people to hear. To many, the war was a lost cause, a waste of money and resources. Later, in March of 1968 the My Lai Massacre devastated a town of North Vietnamese citizens. American solders fed up and angry with the war killed the entire town of mostly women and children. The Military covered this event up for about a year, but in December of 1969 when the American public became

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