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Taking History of Rock and Roll as a class, has been very beneficial for me. It helped me to know the songwriters of certain songs that I love and also expose me to new songs. I really enjoyed hearing the music selections from week 5 with music from the 60s and week 8 and 9 with jamm’n songs from the 80s. When I was in choir in high school I sang “Blow’n in the Wind” by Bob Dylan and I thought it was the most hippy-styled song I have ever heard because of the drowsy melody and the “happy-togetherness” overall feeling of the song. Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin also were wonderful choices for this week. Not only because they are great singers but also because they are African American. Being African American and living with segregation in the 60s, Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin both over came that and even appeared on television shows and made hit songs that are still popular today. My favorite artists in the 60s were the Beatles, The Byrds, and The Who. Even though I was somewhat acquainted with the Beatles before I grew to like them even more. “Lucy and the Sky of Diamonds” was the winning song for me when I learned the meaning of the song. The Byrds and The Who both have that boy band hippy feel to their songs. I think that if they lived in the 90s they would have defiantly been the…show more content…
From creating a “wall of sound” to the call back response of the saxophone in a jazz number, I was able to fully appreciate the wide range of music. My impression of the class going into it was very different then what I got out of it. I think the name of the class should be something more general then a specific genre as rock and roll. I do understand that you have to know how things originated to understand a topic however; the class focused a lot around rock and roll rather than exploring rock and roll in its prime time. Overall the class should have a different

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