How Did Fashion Influence Australia

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Australia’s Social & Culture History In The Post War Period Fashion During the 1960’s there idea of fashion wasn’t very far from today’s point of view towards fashion. The females liked thing like the mini skirt, high boots with a heel, pantyhose, op art dresses and more. While the males preferred things like the wide ties, suits, paisley shirts and more. For hairstyle the almighty Afro was very popular as well as ponytails for girls and crew cuts for boys. Today fashion is very similar between the females but has changed a bit for the males in bit the clothes and hair department. For ladies the miniskirt is still very popular as well as the pantyhose, high boots and others but now big ballroom dresses has…show more content…
So really this film was about how the Berlin blockade which was one of the major confrontations in the cold war set the USA president off. Mr Kennedy gave Cuba a strong warning saying that if they were to fire one nuclear missile and it was to hit any nation in the western hemisphere as an attack on the USA that he would retaliate with the full force of the USA arsenal. The reason while this film was so popular was that it showed people what really happened in the cold…show more content…
During the 1960’s most of the airtime on the family household was devoted to music and rock & roll was the most popular genre. The Beatles, Elvis, Smokey Robinson and Jimi Hendrix were taking over the radio’s and the Aussies couldn’t get enough of these rock stars. This type of music was aimed at teenagers and young adults and opened the eyes of many teenagers around Australia. When the Barbie doll was released in America and was going to be brought over here they said in the add on TV about how many people are buying them in America making them an instant hit because the Americans like it. The same thing happened with slot cars once Australia kids heard that Americans like them they were a hit here too. Hairstyles, clothes and even cars had to be basically popular in the USA before they could make it hear. Australians got most of their TV from America some of the many shows are like I love Lucy, father knows best, 77 sunset trip, get smart and more. The hippies generation came from America to but that was towards to the end of the

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