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American Culture University of Phoenix American Culture American culture has always been fueled by capitalism. Capitalism pushes people to want to be the best at what they do. With being a republic and having a free trade market, brand has become very important. Brand is what people identify a product, service or person with. Name recognition is very important as well. This is a reflection of American culture. People are judged on the exterior. People associate someone to be rich if they drive a new model of a Lexus, or judge someone to be poor if they are driving a Volkswagen Bus from the ‘60s. Image is beyond brand because of the first impression one makes for themselves with the brand or style they wear. Entertainment…show more content…
He has taken part in capitalism. He has worked for an engineering company that pays his bills that allows him to purchase marketed items. The common theme to his purchases is to buy for himself or his family. He wants to satisfy his family’s wants and needs, as well his needs and wants. The purchases for himself and his wife are often wants. These wants are usually instantly gratifying his or her wants. The author of this paper often follows trends in video games. Rock Band 2 is the highest selling game of the past 2 weeks. He also seeks out the same restraints gone to by the general population in America. The common trend is that he follows what is advertised to him. He does not visit restaurants he does not know from TV…show more content…
Another commonly purchased product, that the author has purchased that the general population of America purchases, are his fast foods. He has purchased food at Burger King, and Taco Bell. Common movies seen by most Americans can be described by movie sales. In the past three days he has seen Hard Walk, Juno, and Semi-Pro. All topped the charts of movie billboards. The author has not bought into radio music as much as he has bought into the concept of indie music. Indie music is promoted on a local or national level that has not gained the exposure to the American public. The most common internet sites visited by the author and America are Google, youtube, and myspace. He strays from the common public with chat software Paltalk, or the blog site blogwars. The author has purchased beers and cigarettes that are purchased by most of the beer drinking or cigarette smoking population of America. These brands are Camel, Coors Light and Bud Light. Television shows that the author watches that the American population watches along with him are shows like One Tree Hill, or Hole in the wall, or Talk

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