The New Beetle

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Executive Summary: Since the inception of the Volkswagen Beetle over 21 million cars were sold, and many people became loyal to the brand. The Volkswagen Beetle’s past drivers had very strong emotions about the car. Currently, the marketing manager Liz Vanzura was up against a new marketing strategy that was quoted as “Mission: Impossible”. The strategy team had some major decisions to make on how to market the new Beetle. Press events like the Detroit Auto Show had feature the new Beetle to try to get a start on the success of this new car. The team knew that it would be a difficult road based on the amount of data that they had from customers, and reactions from dealers. The new Beetle was trying to use the past to reinvent the future by adding some old features that were known for the Beetle style. However, this new Beetle did offer features that the older version didn’t have, including new luxuries that could allow customers to customize their options. The agency that was creating the marketing strategy was up for a challenge, they knew they needed to maximize profits by creating customer loyalty and bringing back the most loved car in America’s history. Key Business Issue(s) Identification: • Current Customer Trends/rebuilding image The new Beetle was trying to be re-introduced at a time when American’s were buying larger vehicles, usually SUV’s and trucks. The trends were showing that more and more people were purchasing sport utility vehicles as compared to the smaller sportier cars. The marketing group needed some analysis on how they should market the new Beetle and to whom. VW needed to rebuild the image as a “drivable car”. • Decide Marketing Plan/Nostalgia How much of cars heritage (planned nostalgia) and vehicle past influence current customer base was something that Vanzura also had to consider. Research said the car had customers

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