Historical Patterns During The Cold War

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Historical Patterns As a democratic nation the U.S.A. has always had a rivalry with communism. Throughout history we fight to contain communism either going straight to war or boycotting goods and events.You start noticing this during the cold war, after that we try to contain it in Korea, and even later down the road communism showed up on our front door step when the Cuban Missile Crisis happened. The cold war wasn’t a war with guns but a war of wits. When the Cold war first began Franklin D Roosevelt was still our president but when Truman became the president he really kept on top of the subject. One way he did this was with the Truman Doctrine. This policy is basically saying that the states should always help nations who are threatened by communism. During the cold war Truman wasn’t the only one fighting Communism; Churchill helped raise concern for the cause by giving his famous “Iron Curtain” speech in Missouri. The fight to stop communism over sees didn’t always involve bullets flying. When the allies split up Berlin for everyone to share as spoils of war Germany decided to cut off all of…show more content…
While JFK was president the Soviets began shipping nuclear missiles into Cuba which, at that time was perfect range for nuclear weapons to hit the U.S. When the public learned of this the Red Scare hit. The Red Scare was a time period of mass paranoia by the public of communists. A big player in this time period was Senator McCarthy. He actually came up with a list of people inside the U.S. government that were affiliated with communist activity. He also later on helped catch Alger Hiss who was an actual U.S.S.R. spy. Thanks to the president during that time period (JFK) he resolved it by agreeing to take our missiles out of Turkey if they take theirs out of Cuba. After resolving this crisis the Red Scare went downhill from there and eventually we acted like it never
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