How Was President Truman Important in the Build Up to the Cold War?

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How was President Truman Important in the Build up to the Cold War? Harry S. Truman was the president of the United States just before and during an early period of the Cold War (1945-1953). Truman's presidency was very eventful in foreign affairs. He was involved in the defeat of Nazi Germany, made the decision to drop the Atomic Bombs in Japan, the founding of the United Nations, the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe, the Truman Doctrine to attempt to contain communism and help aid Greece, the beginning of the Cold War, the Berlin Airlift and the creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Truman made some decisions that ultimately had a huge effect in the build up to the cold war. When plans were made for the division of power after WWII, Truman originally opposed America ganging up against Russia and said he would keep the agreements that were made with them. But Truman wanted to appear decisive and tough and he was not prepared to accept any deal if he could not get the majority of it his way. When Truman went to the Potsdam Conference in July 1945, he went there only to advance American Interest and he believed that the atomic bomb was the way to do this. Though this treat he was able to have his way at the Yalta conference. Truman thought of America as the World’s atomic power and was assured by Cabinet advisers; America would reign supreme in the arms race. However Joseph Stalin was also attempting to build Russia’s power in this arms race too. Truman began to get tough on Russia in 1946 when there were strong protests in the Iran against Russian Troops. The Soviets had denied sharing control of the Turkish Straits as they had claimed they would not have. Truman was advised to act as the worst case scenario was that there was a Soviet desire for Global Conquest. When Great Britain announced that they were going to stop aiding Greece and
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