Response To The Cold War

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Michael Richards US History II Period 5 Cold War Response Paper January 4, 2011 While US and USSR military forces in the Cold War never clashed, battles consisted of technological competitions, political propaganda, and proxy wars. The starting point of the Cold War is disputable, but due to the USSR’s formation of the Warsaw Pact, their desire to control Berlin, and their building of missile bases in Cuba, the USSR was unquestionably responsible for escalating tensions throughout the Cold War. The creation of the Warsaw Pact was a response to the Federal Republic of Germany joining NATO in 1955. The Warsaw pact consisted of eight communist states in Eastern Europe, posing as the United States’ largest threat in control for…show more content…
attack on Cuba the equivalent of a world war, and claims to be receiving lots of aid from the USSR. But once the USSR and Cuban governments began building missile bases in Cuba, it became an immediate threat to the United States. The bases being built for these IRBM missiles were capable of launching them to practically any area of the continental United States. We responded by transporting 100 US missiles to Turkey and Italy, which were in striking distance of Moscow. By mid October, a U-2 photoreconnaissance plane retrieved pictures of missile sites in Cuba, giving Kennedy hard evidence that they existed. The public was eagerly trying to anticipate the difficult decision Kennedy had ahead of him: whether to listen to his military advisors who wanted him to command an air strike followed by ground invasion to remove Castro, or to “quarantine” Cuba. With global tensions extremely high, Kennedy understood invading Cuba might aggravate a third World War, so instead of “blockading” Cuba, which would have been an act of war, he cleverly decided to place ships around Cuba so the missiles could not get through. The conflict is resolved later that month under the agreement to withdraw U.S. missiles from Turkey and publicly state to never declare war on Cuba in exchange for the withdrawal of the Soviet missiles. While a peaceful solution was eventually reached, the amount of panic in the US caused by the soviets was enormous for those few months in
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