Conspiracy Theories Essay

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------------------------------------------------- Conspiracy Theories ------------------------------------------------- The JFK Assassination Julius Lewis Abstract A look into the many conspiracy theories regarding who is really responsible for one of the most infamous events in American history. * * There are a number of prevailing conspiracy theories suggesting that the JFK assassination was a panned hit. Over 60 years later, we still are not sure about who killed Kennedy. Although we have an accused shooter, we are still unsure if he was connected to the CIA, The Cubans, or the Russians in conspiracy to carry out the assassination. All three of these organizations have “valid” reasons for wanted the president dead. The CIA, for one, was frustrated with JFK and possibly took it upon themselves to take care of the problem. * * The CIA was a very secretive organization in the 1960s and very little was known about their operations. However, during that time period, the CIA was widely believed to have carried out many high-profile political assassinations. Seven percent of conspiracy-loving Americans blame the Central Intelligence Agency for Kennedy's death. After the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba in 1961, Kennedy and the CIA were on rough terms, leading conspiracy-minded individuals to suspect the CIA retaliated by having the president killed. CIA conspiracies often overlap with mob conspiracies because of revelations that the agency worked with organized crime on its Castro schemes. * The Cubans were also a popular candidate for conspiring on the President’s life. The American government made numerous attempts at killing the infamous Fidel Castro, but it is believed that Castro got to JFK first. The CIA was plotting to kill him, after all, and had trained Cuban exiles to attempt to overthrow his communist government in the fumbled Bay of
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