How Close Did the World Come to Nuclear War

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How close did the world come to nuclear war? Why did the world avoid nuclear war? The world was very close to having a nuclear war. The Soviet Union had nuclear missiles in Cuba targeting 90,000 Americans. With that in mind, America also had missiles in Turkey targeting the Soviet Union. In The fog of war it says “We (America) lucked out from not having a nuclear war”. In the interview it says “we went eyeball to eyeball and they blinked”, referring to the friction between the United States and the Soviet Union. JFK strongly tried to keep America out of war with the Soviet Union. Kennedy asked how many American causality’s there would be if one of the Soviet Union’s missiles would go off in the United States. The response to his question was around 500,000 (found in the interview). JFK realized the damage that a nuclear war could cause. He believed that if America went to war with the Soviet Union and won, it would be a pointless victory due to all the causality’s. JFK did what he could to ease the tension between the two nations. America removed missiles from Turkey, therefore the soviets removed their missiles from Cuba. What are the implications to the more recent interpretation of international politics? What makes a leader a strong leader? A leader that’s strong doesn’t necessary have to and or want to go to war all the time. Strong leaders can also try to keep a nation out of war. For example, JFK kept America out of war with the Soviet Union, and in the eyes of many, JFK is a very strong leader. With that said, strong leaders know what needs to be done for the better good of their
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