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IBUS 681 Study Guide for the Final Exam This test will cover Chapter 6, 7, and 11. The test is a combination of multiple-choice questions (20 questions, 20 points) and 1 essay question (5 points). Chapter 6: Groups and Teams 1. How do you measure the long-term effectiveness of a work group? a. whether the output of the group meet the quality, quantity and timeliness standards of the organization b. whether the group process enhance the ability of group members working together c. whether the group experience contribute to the growth and personal well-being of the group members 2. Explain the elements of group structure. • Rules---Specify expected behavior that the organization imposes on group members and…show more content…
E.g. Jack Welch, Steven Jobs Transactional leadership • Clarify the role and task requirements of subordinates • Initiate structure • Provide appropriate rewards • Display consideration for subordinates • Meet the social needs of subordinates 2. What are the two sets of behaviors that can be learned as an effective leader? • Task orientated behaviors: assigning employees to specific tasks, clarifying their work duties and procedures, ensuring that they follow the company rules, and pushing them to reach their performance

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