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Consolidated Products Case questions and answers 1. Compare the leadership traits and behaviors of Ben Samuels and Phil Jones. Ben Samuels is an employee-centered or people-oriented boss. Ben shows more interest in people. Employee-centered leaders display a focus on the human needs of their subordinates, as expressed through the dimensions of leader support and facilitating positive interaction among followers. Phil Jones is a job or task- oriented boss who shows more interest in productivity. Job-centered leaders direct activities towards efficiency, cost cutting, and scheduling, as expressed through the dimensions of goal emphasis and work facilitation 2. Which leader do you think is more effective? Why? Which leader would you prefer to work for? Ben is more democratic, and Phil is more autocratic. An autocratic leader achieves high productivity, but the workers feel hostile and when the boss is absent, they produce less. A work environment that leads to job satisfaction is more democratic than Phil's. In the short run, Phil is more effective in terms of reducing costs and increasing productivity, but in the long term, the high employee turnover will increase company costs. I would rather work for Ben. 3. If you were Phil Jones' boss, what would you do now? Phil should be encouraged to change his leadership behavior and become a "high-high" leader. A 9,9 Team Management style shows the same level of concern for people, but it takes on completely different characteristics as it joins with a high level of concern for results. There is a general belief that "high-high" leadership is a desirable quality, because the leader meets both needs

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