Staffing Final Exam

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MANG 6469 Samantha Chiasson Final Exam 1.) What is the staffing model? Staffing is a critical organization function concerned with the acquisition, deployment, and retention of the organization’s workforce of sufficient quantity and quality to create positive impacts on the organization’s effectiveness. Organizations are combinations of physical, financial, and human capital. Human capital is the knowledge, skills, and abilities of people and their motivation to do the job. An average organization’s employee cost is over 25% of its total revenue. Organizations that capitalize on human capital have a strategic advantage over their competitors. There are several staffing models. The first model shows how projected workforce head-count requirements and availabilities are compared to determine the appropriate staffing level for the organization. The person/job match model is the foundation of all staffing activities. The person/organization match model shows how person/job matching could extend to how well the person will also fit with the organization. The core staffing components model identifies recruitment, selection, and employment as the three key staffing organizations and it shows that both the organization and the job application interact in these activities. The final model, staffing organizations, provides the entire framework for staffing. It shows that organizations, human resources (HR), and staffing strategy interact to guide the conduct of staffing support activities and core staffing activities; employee retention and staffing system management are shown to cut across both types of activities. 2.) What is the Employment Relationship? The employer-employee relationship is the most prevalent form of employment relationship. It involves an agreement between employer and employee on terms and conditions of employment. It results in an
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