Human Capital Mgt230

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Discuss management's role in organizing human capital. Which of the following roles in organizing human staffing do you feel is most important; staffing, training and development, compensation and benefits and employee relations? Why? Within your company which roles do you think they do well? Which roles could they improve upon? Management has accountability to its stakeholders as assurance that human capital is being used effectively. I consider that all three roles are all important factors, and one cannot be separate from the other. Human capital is exactly as it sounds, it is the investment, and the ROI (return of investment) for an organization. An organization invests in its employees, hiring talented people, abstracting their efficiency and skills, building and training them into current and future environments, all in part of the investment they imply towards the development of its organization. In the structure of human capital, compensation will be an influence in retaining employees, as so are benefits, in efforts of a continual extended relationship that configures in relational advocacy, respect and ethical conveyance. In consideration of the roles, they are all congruent upon one another, in bringing skilled personnel into an organization, in hopes of retaining them. If it were my organization in which we were discussing, I would make definite improvements toward continual training, with an advocacy group specializing in the needs and progressive wants of my employees. The one organization that comes to mind is Google, they are continually advancing forward, and making the company a habit forming institution, where people find it hard to go home, yet cannot wait to get back; offering free breakfast , lunch dinners, and
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