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Hunter Phillips English-O91 05 September 2014 Highlights of My Life This is a day that I have never had and it is a very special day. That is because I get to write about me. I have had so much happen to me over my life from being a bully to getting told that I have something that would change my life forever. My name is Hunter Phillips. I was born November 15, 1995 at Hamilton Medical Center in Dalton Georgia. This is a little bit about my life. It was a very cold morning, there was frost on the cars, and they were no leaves on the trees. My parents was at the hospital early that morning and I did not come into this world until that night so my mom and…show more content…
I was kind of scared because I was so small, but I had played through the recreation department. I told myself why should I be scared. I told them I would go out and try it. On the first day out there the coaches put me at wide receiver. That day we learned some routes and we ran through some of the routes and before I knew it practice was over. The next day I still was not getting the routes down. The coach ask me if I wanted to try another position and I said yes and they put me on defense to see if I could make a tackle. That day was the best. I was tackling players all over the field. The defense coach told me at the end of practice that was my position. When the first game of the season was here I played defense. I did not do well the first game at all. At the end of the game the coach came up to me and said that I was just too nervous and that I just needed to relax and I would do well. So I went home and thought about what he said to me that night. After that I did a great job on defense at the end of the season we went 6-2; that was the first time in a long time that my middle school went to the Georgia…show more content…
The reason for that was I was told by the doctor that I have muscular dystrophy. That really changed my life; this is the first I have written about this. I was not happy when they told me I had muscular dystrophy. Now I know that God has blessed me with this. My freshman year of high school I met the athletic trainer and is name was Ryan. That is when I started to work with him as the student trainer. Ryan taught me a lot about what he does and he taught me something where I could help him. So during my freshman year I just helped him with football. When it came around for football season again I helped him and I was getting better at what he taught me. Then before I knew it I was helping with basketball that year. That’s when I knew want I wanted to do with my life. I would to be an athletic trainer. I love sports and I love the feeling of helping people when they were hurt. So the next two year of high school I took on some more duties. I helped with football, basketball, and soccer. My last year of high school was the best and that is because I got to go with the junior varsity football team by myself and I got to tape all of the players. In high school I got to meet many of people that were with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (F.C.A) and every Thursday morning at school they would be in our library for the ones that wanted to come. They would talk to us about different things. My last year of school I

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