How Football Changed My Life

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Young and unsure, my mom took me to sign up for football. When I saw the coach, I was intimidated and began to second guess my decision to play. I then saw a friend from school also signing up, then a second and third. As my friends filed in, we grouped together, and my excitement grew. I began to feel more comfortable knowing, I wasn’t the only one that was nervous. As my group of friends expanded at sign ups, and the first few practices, my self confidence grew. Self confidence, I believe, is one of the building blocks for young boys, as they develop mentally and physically into young men. I’m no different. Football training started a full month before school. It gave us time to develop a bond. We ran, hit, learned, sweat and bled together. With each sprint, lap and push up, our bond grew stronger. We began to help each other up, push each other harder and pass along information to each other. At that young age, my self confidence and on field personality, began developing. One month later, school began. Like most kids, I was nervous, but I was remind myself, it was like football. There would be other kids there that were nervous as well. Upon arrival, I saw one of the boys from the team, then another and a third and forth. I realized the advantage I had, over the kids that did not play football. I already had a few friends. My self confidence was again developing, but in a different way. Off the field. Year after year, season after season, I learned to practice off the field what I learned on it. I studied as hard as I trained, which in turn, help me not only maintain a good grade point average in school, but catapulted me into leadership positions on the field. It has helped me teach others what I have learned, both on and off the field. My participation in sports has taught to work hard, lead, have confidence, help others, and control and harness

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