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TuyetMai Nguyen Period: 6 Community Service Essay Every Sunday morning, I wake up early to go to do a community service. It’s a Vietnamese community where to teach children how to write, read, and learn Vietnamese. It takes three hours from 9:00 A.M- 12:00 P.M. The school days are at the same as our English regular school days. It also has holiday break. There are two main teachers and two teacher assistants. I’m one of a teacher assistant, helping the teacher around with children, making sure they do exactly what the teachers said. The children are really small. They are just about 5 to 7 years old. And it’s really hard to tell them to focus and listen to the teachers. But as long as we keep trying to convince them, I think they’ll listen well. I’ve been in this community for one and half year now and I really like it even though it’s hard to wake up early on my weekend day. But when I see the kids come to class every Sunday morning, once a week, my desire of coming to class to help the teachers is increased as the time I see the kids trying hard to keep coming to class to learn even at their very young age. At first, the teachers make a preview for the children what have they learn so far in the last week, and also remind them what to not forget in each lesson. In class, we prepare any activities to teach them write, read, and learn Vietnamese in many ways as long as they enjoy their learning. And also we have a 15 minutes break for the kids to relax to eat their snacks or chips. At the last 15 minutes, we also play games with them to not let them bored during the three hours study. Last day of school, we have rewards to give out to the kids whom being good and outstanding in class. The teachers and I try not to talk too much English rather than Vietnamese because it would help them to learn faster. At first, they seem confused but as long as keep trying,

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