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Community Service I support the idea that kids should be required to do some kind of community service. I agree that this promotes good citizenship and cultivated passion. I find community service one of the best things someone can do for there community. I find community service affective in many ways. Community service is something every person should experience in there lives. People see community service as boring and pointless. I have done community service many times and I agree that it is very boring but not pointless. Kids in junior high and in high school do not see the full picture. Community service affects many people around you. There are many people who have disabilities and can not perform outside activities. A helpful hand is something that will mean the world to someone. I am not talking about just service for disabled but service for the homeless, a charitable company, and for a elementary school. I am in scouts so I have participated in many community service activities. We do every service project for the aid of someone who is in need. After every service project you get the joy of seeing the happy faces of the people you helped. Every time I have gave service I get a great feeling especially when you get a crying hug from an elderly woman who can not walk well enough to clean her own yard. Service is to help, not to make you suffer. I can not think of one negative outcome from doing community service. Most kids do not know how well off they are and they all need to give back. It will benefit you in ways you will never understand. My high school does a mandatory community service every year and I can honestly say it brings out the good in people. I support community service a hundred percent. You will notice a difference in the kids that serve and the ones that don't. I hope all schools keep mandating community

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