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Dear Rahm Emanuel, 2-20-2011 I know there are many people against you for running for chicago’s next mayor, but I am for you. I think you will make some of chicago problems better like our communities crime, the many abondend homes and the schools. The three things I named is what I feel really need to be looked at by chicago. I feel they are not paying that much attention to these issues because they are paying attention to getting more money from people. I will clearly explain to you in this letter why these points should be payed attention to a little more. As you may have noticed Chicago’s crime rate raised a lot . Last summer we had more people getting killed than any other summer. That is not a good thing.People shouldn’t be scared to walk out on there front porch because they may get shot I don’t experience that but I know…show more content…
In my opinion I think I like all year around in school. If kids really look at it, we get alota days out for a break. Many schools also need to come on there education because the drop out rate may come back up if it already haven’t. Many schools say they do many things to help students and they really care about the students, blah blah blah, some schools are just all talk. Schools have at least a hand full of teachers that really care about the students life after high school, some teachers make sure that there students go to college and some don’t even care what goes on when were out of there classroom. Many of these issues should be payed attention to before they get worser. I bet if you change some things that I asked for you will see some change in Chicago. From the community crime to the CPS system. Make more changes that will help the people and community not just yourself and other government people goods think about the

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