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Food For Thought: Think About Your Choice An Analytical Essay Megan Skyberg Author Note This paper was prepared for Writing 101, Section 013, taught by Instructor Barber. Abstract Over the years, obesity rates have been rising to a dangerous percentage in the United States. Lately, people have been calling this rise an obesity epidemic. The problem with this is that obesity is not a disease. The question I want to answer is whose fault is it really? Some blame the consumer, whereas others blame the government. A few key arguments I will discuss are the faults behind labeling, as well as the consumer’s personal decisions. I believe that even when labels are properly placed, the consumer still has a choice. (98) Keywords: obesity, consumer, labeling, government Food For Thought: Think About Your Choice It is said that our country is suffering from an obesity epidemic. When I think of the word epidemic, I think of a wide-spread disease. Here’s the problem; Obesity is not a disease. The main cause of obesity is poor food decisions. Unless you are informed about how to read nutrition labels and make the right choices, you may be eating more unhealthy food than you realize. This is where the debate between public and private responsibility comes in. Whose fault is it for the rising obesity rates? In “Personal Responsibility And Obesity: A Constructive Approach To A Controversial Issue,” Brownell, K. D., Kersh, R., Ludwig, D. S., Post, R. C., Puhl, R. M., Schwartz, M. B., & Willett, W. C. (2010) argue that personal responsibility can be embraced as a value by placing priority on legislative and regulatory actions such as improving school nutrition, menu labeling, altering industry marketing practices, and even such controversial measures as the use of food taxes that create healthier defaults, thus supporting responsible behavior and bridging the

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