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The article “Junking Junk Food”, by Judith Warner, is one that explains two sides to the national obesity problem in the United States. She starts her article by talking about Sarah Palin's objections to the “Obama nanny state” which she believes is out to infringe upon the peoples right to eat whatever they please (401). Glenn Beck is also cited in her paper as objecting to the idea of government regulation. His anger over the issue includes reports of government health inspectors shutting down a 7 year old's lemonade stand (401). With about two-thirds of Americans being obese, the Obama administration has been fighting hard to help Americans with the issue of obesity. Michelle Obama even made her apolitical personal project as first lady to teach Americans healthier eating habits(401). Warner continues in the article to say that we as a nation need to change our culture of food to begin to actually reverse our unhealthy habits. According to Warner, we need to make eating healthily, the cool or “desirable” thing to do. Specifically, she notes, that it should be a “freely chosen” option, not one that is forced by some governmental regulation or law(402). She adds good support for this idea, citing the food rationing programs of World War II which were successful because people felt is was for a greater good or simply being a good citizen. During this time, people thought they were eating healthy…show more content…
She admits that the job of changing America's bad eating habits will be a big task to handle. There would be tremendous push back from food corporations, conservative politicians such as Palin and the American people themselves. She feels the best way to get people eating right is to make it seem like a very appealing choice instead of enforcing laws(404). Birkenstein, Cathy, and Russel K. Durst. "They Say/I Say": The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing: With Readings. Comp. Gerald Graff. New York: W.W. Norton, 2012. 400-05.

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