Will the Government Regulate Our Diet

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English 101 5/20/15 Will the Government Regulate our Meals? Obesity is becoming a more prominent issue in the United States as time progresses, but why is it happening? Well, the main factors of obesity are poor eating habits, an absence of physical activity, and bad nutritional standards. Economic growth and modernization could very well be a factor in the increase of obesity because a majority of our meals are cheap, convenient, and processed for today’s Americans. However the food we eat is high in fat and sodium and lack the nutrition needed to lead a healthy life. What’s being done to stop obesity, and whose problem is it? Should our government be able to step in and stop obesity as it becomes a matter of public health and a concern to the American people? This essay will discuss two authors with important views on the subject. In “What you Eat is your Business”, Radley Balko describes how our government is letting American's live unhealthy lives, while the healthy people have to pay for others unhealthy habits. Radley argues that if the government is willing to pay for your medication due to your poor eating and living habits, what motivation does a person have to eat and live right? He thinks that if we are held accountable for our health, we'll make better choices. As for Judith Warner’s article, “Junking Junk Food”, she discusses the issue of a decline in America’s wellbeing. Warner uses the Obama administration’s attempt to influence a healthier lifestyle in Americans by specifically mentioning Michelle Obama’s campaign to make Americans healthier. Warner also makes it clear that America will become a healthier country through cultural changes. Should the Government Step In? As obesity rates climb in our country, it’s hard for our general public not to be concerned about this recent epidemic, and more importantly the government has been stepping

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