Who Should Decide What You Eat

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Who Should Decide What You Eat? America has been named the “fattest” country in the world, which is not something to be proud of, and many people are behind me when I say it needs to change. For reasons such as health, money, and pride, this country needs more regulation and better direction with our diets other than where we are and where we are headed. The group that has the power in this country to enforce that is the United States Government. They could make laws that would protect the citizens from harmful diseases caused by unhealthy foods as well as saving money on healthcare to provide for the people that cannot afford to pay for the healthcare they need for the diseases. This is why the American Government should regulate the diets of Americans. One of the main reasons the Government should regulate diets is because of the overwhelming amount of people that are obese or over-weight, especially with the number of children that are having these problems and the parents are not doing anything about it. “Surgeon General Regina says with the Government interjecting and making some decisions on not what to eat, but how the food is made and how much they eat, America as a whole would start to become a more fit country” (Regina). Surgeon General Kooper also says, “Obesity is one of the most prevalent diet-related problems in the United States” (Kooper 277). I completely agree that the Govt. should take some initiative and regulate some areas of the American diet, but they should definitely not control it is a communist state. With finesse, the government should be able to come up with an agreement on how to encourage us to eat healthier without majorly affecting the everyday lives of American citizens. Dan Rubinstein, a writer for AlterNet says, “America is known as being the fattest country in the world” (Rubinstein). Rubinstein also says that this needs to
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