Analysis Of What You Eat Is Your Business By Balko

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Jessica Ely Professor Lawrence ENGL1020 20 September 2012 Blame the Eater As Americans we are always hearing “don’t blame yourself for being obese blame the government.” Balko begins his essay with telling us that Time magazine and ABC News will host a three-day talk on obesity. The author says that the “summit promises to be a pep rally for media, nutrition activists, and policy makers” (395). Responsibility and government control over health care is the issue that Radly Balko tackles in “What You Eat Is Your Business”. The author argues that Americans are not taking responsibility for their eating habits and making it the general publics health problem. Balko feels that the issue of being obese should be your own problem and not the entire United States, and the government should not get “between us and our waistline”.…show more content…
Since insurance companies are not supposed to make an obese persons insurance premium higher than a healthy individual, then that obese person’s heart attack drives up the insurance premium of the healthy person. The obese are making it everyone’s problem by not putting down that cheeseburger because they know that the government is paying for their anti-cholesterol medicine. Balko claims that the government is getting “between you and your waistline” meaning that the government is interfering by telling Americans what we can and cannot do with our health. Congress is now considering menu-labeling which means that restaurants would have to send every menu item to the laboratory for nutritional testing. Meaning that the restaurants would not have the freedom to put whatever they want on the menu. Also in doing this it would drive up the price of
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