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Junk Food Response 1 Homework # 6 Nichole Annis Mellisa Roberts English 101 19 September 2013 Junk food Response in the article Tax junk food by David Lazarus he has definitely given some good examples of how we should start to get our youth back on track by starting a tax for sugary drinks. I believe that this is a start and it should go further then just the soda manufactures. I think that our government does have the right to tax the food and drink manufactures to try to stop the obesity epidemic. It is a life style that we have in this day in age. If you look around most of our youth is walking around…show more content…
The government cant be the only ones willing to take a stand and try to fix the problem. We as consumers need to figure out a way to make better choices in what we eat and drink. We have taxes for alcohol and tobacco, which are clearly bad for us. Why not have taxes for foods and drinks that are clearly bad for us. Consumers need to be aware of all the sweet 2 drinks we take in, and realize that we take a lot more in then what we think. As a parent we are told that Gatorade and sports drinks are good for our children, but if you look at the ingredients you will see that they are just as bad. Even the diet sodas are bad for you. People consume most of their calories in sodas and sweet drinks. We need to make these sugary drinks not so easy to buy. Everyday the soda companies come out with some new drink to suck us in to buying them and getting us hooked. Pepsi and coke are famous for this, but we still feel the need to try the drinks that come out. Even though most of us know that these drinks we consume are bad for us. In conclusion I believe having a tax that increases the prices on sugary drinks is a good place to start for the obesity epidemic. I don’t believe that the only thing people need to do is stop drinking sweet drinks and everyone will be healthy, but I do agree its a great place to

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